Unique Shelving Ideas Enhancing Your Interior Extravagantly

Every interior needs storage. Shelving is the most common one, but what if you have these extravagant shelving ideas? Then your shelves will be both storage and decoration. Doing their duty to keep all items, they also unexpectedly become a dazzling focal point in your room.

These shelves are so unique. Even ladders and recycled appliances can be employed. Besides the functionality, they have timeless designs suitable among any furniture styles. Allow them show their beauty through these following designs and inspirations.

1. Artistic Glass Shelving

Wonderful Shelving Ideas with Tempered Glass Material

Glass and contemporary design always go hand in hand, don’t they? Reflecting true modernity, simple glass shelving should be installed on modern concrete shelving units. It’ll be floating racks holding beautiful ornaments.

2. Pipe Shelving for Laundry Room

Stunning Pipe Shelving Ideas for Laundry Room

The room needs shelving unit more is the laundry room. Usually this room is built in simple design. Since of the minimalist layout, the shelving should be sleek, too. Pipes can be solution. Their match will be wooden planks.

3. Outdoor Ladder Shelving

Unique Ladder Shelving Ideas for Outdoor Décor

Do you need place to put the foods and decoration while having outdoor party? Don’t worry. These ladder shelving will assist you to organize all you need. Flower vases, sauces, foods, drinks, and many more are easy to take here. Brilliant, isn’t it?

4. Sleek Bathroom Mounted Shelves

Stylish Wooden Mounted Shelving Ideas for Bathroom

What can you see besides the sleekness of these shelves? Yes, the different sizes. Although the design is standardized, try not to bore your room with dull shelving. Different sized shelves present uniqueness and fitter to the small bathroom corner. Every inch is employed!

5. Rustic Vintage Shelving

Rustic Wooden Shelving Ideas with Vintage Theme

Far from expensive but fancy, that’s how these pallet shelving are. Decorate your chic interior with extra rusticity through these simple arranged pallet shelving. More storage is provided in easier way.

6. Old Tables Shelving System

Brilliant Shelving Ideas with Purple Old Furniture

Throwing old things especially furniture is never an option for creative mind. You’ll find the unique way to decorate your room differently. Cut the old tables in a half and mount them on the wall. The last finishing touch should be painting them with bright colors to give more sparks in the room.

7. Green Kitchen Shelving

Nervous Recycle Furniture as Green Shelving Ideas

Pallets give never ending ideas to create more recycled furniture. The pallet shapes that are easy to use as shelving just need effortless attempt to make. You can just simply arrange the pallet vertically and paint them. They are ready to use already.

8. Customized Wall Shelving

Beauteous Customized Wall Shelving with Wood Planks

When you want more storage to keep more items, you should consider building the customized shelving. Prepare more wood planks to fill your wall with fully employed shelving. This unit is usually applied in nursery room. Store all your baby needs into one spot.

9. Minimalist Closet Shelving

Elegant Customized Wall Shelving Ideas for Closet Furniture

Storing bags collections and tons of shoes can be a problem. But now, execute the ideas of building these closet shelves. Easy and simple, it is just attached on the walk in closet wall. It’s considered for having minimalist look but with maximum function.

10. Massive Bookcase for Home Library

Beauteous Massive Bookcase Shelving Ideas for Library

Shelving unit isn’t limited to just small size. Massive shelving used for displaying the books in a home library can be made from simple materials such as pipes and planks. In fact, the pipe constructs solid and durable shelving for heavy burdens, here the books.

11. Backsplash Kitchen Shelving

Magnificent Kitchen Shelving Ideas Attached on Backsplash

It’s known that pipe shelving is well matched with industrial theme. Therefore, industrial kitchen furnished with stainless appliances should be completed by this pipe shelving to keep spices, small bowls, or other oregano. Its light and space saving.

12. Old Crates Shelving

Winsome Outdoor Furniture with old Crates Shelving Ideas

Here is garden storage hack you can include to your outdoor DIY project. Just paint the crates with different rustic colors and attached them vertically on the wall. All gardening tools can be stored there. More flower pots can be placed there too as the outdoor decoration. The more colorful it is, the more beautiful your garden will be.

13. Wooden Boxes Shelving

Angelic Shelving Ideas with Colorful Boxes Arrangement

Inspired by vertical boxes arrangement, you can try this one. If you have unused toy boxes, don’t throw them away. Instead of put them in trash bin, attached them to colorful shelving units you can use for multipurpose furniture. This shelving can be used to display your cup collections or small ornaments and accessories.

14. Vintage Suitcase Shelving

Beautiful Living Room with Vintage Suitcase Shelving Ideas

Your living room looks incredible with this vintage suitcase shelving. It takes more efforts since you need to cut the suitcases precisely. Keep the original shape of the suitcase well, so all you display will be just the suitcase part with the handle. Ultimate uniqueness is showcase by this unusual shelving.

15. Wine Cellar Shelving

Luxurious Wine Cellar Tempered Glass Shelving Ideas

Now you can see how elegant shelving should be made. You can attach glass on stone wall to create contemporary or futuristic shelving style. This looks stylish and fashionable for your eclectic home bar with natural rusticity. Can you imagine that very simple shelving can be applied in classy room?

16. Dining Room Shelving

Splendid Mounted Shelving Ideas for Dining Room Décor

Small dining area usually has lack of space in displaying more ornaments. But it’s not anymore with this sleek dining space shelving. This shelving unit can be installed above the wardrobe. Now you can display your vase collection or Chinese porcelain dishes.

17. Floating Bedroom Shelving

Cute Floating Shelving Ideas for Bedroom Interior Décor

Don’t let your small bedroom wall left unutilized. Install floating shelves above the bed side table for additional storage or display. Place the books you usually read before sleeping or cute ornaments here. This floating shelving will make these items more reachable. The brightest color should be used to emphasize this floating shelving.

18. Under the Ceiling Shelving

Lavish Shelving Ideas under the Ceiling for Kitchen Furniture

It’s more famous in kitchen organization ideas. Actually, this under the ceiling shelving system isn’t only for kitchen. This is a great trick for displaying the things you love almost in every room. Choose pop up color that can vary other kitchen color schemes. The design is always schematic and this is the most strategic shelving unit for maximum space use.

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