Pedestal Sink Storage with Space-saving Feature You Shouldn’t Overlook

The idea of pedestal sink storage is a must in today’s minimalist design. A small bathroom can still have clean look by keeping all the things well kept. It’s possible if you know how to organize more effectively with these pedestal sink storage ideas.

You can include this plan in your remodeling project as the space saving solution. Make your small bathroom home or apartment the most. Now, see how these sink storage ideas define modern and clean bathroom.

1. Wooden Shelving Pedestal

Rustic Wooden Pedestal Sink Storage with Rattan Boxes and Stainless Bucket

For nature lovers, this wooden shelving can inspire you more with sleek but natural storage. The woven baskets enhance the pedestal shelving look. Build the shelving with dark wood and decorate the sink with green plants. Now your corner sink is naturally accented storage, too.

2. Chic Wardrobe and Sink

Modern Wardrobe and Pedestal Sink Storage with Shiny Countertop also Mirror

The idea of combining wardrobe and sink is getting popular. This white top counter is one of the modern elegance designs promoting practicality. All you need is well served here, including towel hanger and chic wall sconces. The mirror is so chic if it is set with classical frame in middle size.

3. Sleek Sink Storage with Curtain

Adorable Shelve Cover for Pedestal Sink Storage with Nice Fabric Curtain

Covering the storage shouldn’t only with door. Get rid off of the heavy accent in your small bathroom with curtain to cover the under the sink shelving. White sheer curtain creates chic and simple look of white cabinet with wooden top.

4. Under the Sin Storage Unit

Elegant Corner Shelving and Wardrobe Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas under Sink

This is how storage should be organized. More than shelving and wardrobe, this under the sink space is maximally employed. Pedestal can be replaced by these storage ideas. Try these and no more bathrooms cluttered.

5. Sink Skirt Storage

Affordable Skirt Idea for Pedestal Sink Storage Décor of Flowery Fabric

Still inspired with curtain cover, more colorful and patterned skirt can be good choice, too. Sink storage on pedestal will look more attractive with this skirting idea. The shelving under the sink will be invisible with this chic skirting.

6. Large Sink Organization

Best Pedestal Sink Storage Organization from Wooden and Steel for Towel

Need idea how to organize many towels and appliances? You can keep the organization simple but looks modern and anti-crowded. The shelving construction is made from wood and steel. Open shelving is always fantastic solution for spacious look.

7. Dual Pedestal Storage

Awesome Style of Dual Pedestal Sink Storage Idea of Stainless Steel Material

Who said that luxurious is not practical? You can build luxurious white bathroom interior with sleek appearance. Inspired by modern concept, stainless materials goes very well with

8. Zen Pedestal Storage

Chic Zen Style of Pedestal Sink Storage Idea of Wooden Material

Alright, maybe this storage isn’t too much. Here is more on the design that is so stylish. The bathroom connected with the outdoor looks wonderful with this Zen styled sink with small storage under. The wood color shows how sophisticated the design is.

9. Accessible Sink Vanity

Delicate Wooden Vanity also Cool Countertop Style with Lush Pedestal Sink Storage

It’s completely more than pedestal storage. At a glance, maybe you will not notice that this is sinks since it looks like vanity. The cabinets under the sinks will be content with all things needed in the bathroom. Meanwhile, additional cabinet on the sink will make the space clean from cluttered.

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