Modern Bunk Bed with Trundle to Provide Extra Space for a Sleepover

One thing that you should remember is that a bedroom is one place that you should be able to fully relax. Without the right style and balance, it may look cluttered and it can affect the way that you sleep. Also, the furniture needs to be arranged the right way as well to create that great look. If the bedroom looks like any of the other rooms in the house or cluttered, it will keep your mind distracted from relaxing and sleeping.

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the entire house, and people take great pains to make sure that they have a bedroom that they can be one hundred percent comfortable in, especially because this is the room that you will be spending most of your time in.

Decorating you bedroom does not need to be as difficult and stressful as you think it is because it can be fun and exciting. You do not need to hire a professional interior designer to beautify their room, you only need to allocate adequate time, creative ability, knowledge in interior design and decoration.

Most of us can not afford to have a professional decorator design new rooms every time we tire of the decor. Usually, it is not the furniture that we tire of, but what is on and around our carefully chosen furniture. It is usually accent pieces, drapes, or simply the color of the walls that lose their freshness, causing us to get bored with the whole room and have an itch to redecorate.

For decorating bedrooms, you are able to first start working on the furnishings. Coloring the present furniture too can be considered a good idea. Now, lets talk about the flooring for the bedroom. The way you place your furniture also plays a huge role in making your residential space look beautiful and stylish.

A bunk bed itself is already a space-saving option for a bedroom, and a bunk bed with trundle can enhance the practicality. While your children can always sleep comfortable by sharing the same room with a bunk bed, now you do not need to worry about having their friend coming over for a pajamas party during weekend. With the trundle bed, your kid’s bedroom can still provide comfort to your little guest.

Smart Solution for Shared Bedroom

A shared bedroom should be able to provide comfort for anyone’s occupying the room. And with a trundle bed that comes as extra in your kid’s shared room, an overnight guest of your children thus can still share the same comfort and amenities during his or her stay in your home. Even if you have an issue with a relatively small bedroom—and this is why you came up with a bunk bed from the beginning, right?—a trundle bed will not take up more space than necessary.

Space-Saving Extras in Small Room

After all, the trundle bed is simply tucked under the bunk bed when it is not in use. Thus, whenever you have someone to occupy the extra bed, all you need to do is to pull out the bed and… voila! With a trundle bed, you do not need to worry about your children losing floor space for play area anyway. The extra bed can always be easily pushed back to its original place when the morning comes and your children are ready to play in their room with their friend.

Flexible Extra Bed You Can Move Easily

Another advantage with a trundle bed is that it can be used not only in the bedroom where the bunk bed is located—or in this case, your kid’s room—but can also be moved to other room in your house. It makes a great solution if your small house cannot afford an extra room for guest bedroom. The movable bed can be moved to your family room for the overnight guest to stay for a night. Pair it with a trundle bed in your master bedroom, then you can provide enough space even for two guests to sleep overnight!

And just because the trundle bed will be less frequently used, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on comfort. Rather than spending money for another new low quality mattress in the future, invest your money in a good quality one so you don’t need to worry about your guest’s comfort during night’s sleep time.

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